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With about 850,000 sqm Gewerbesiedlungs-Gesellschaft (GSG) is one of the leading providers of office and commercial space in Berlin.

The portfolio of GSG includes high-quality space from 20-20,000 sqm usable for production, offices, workshops or storage. About 1,600 tenants from all kind of sectors profit from the good value for money:
GSG is amongst the cheapest options in service charge, its additional services go well beyond the classical concept of tenant support. The rental is free of commission for the tenant except GSG-Hof Helmholzstraße.
For more than 45 years, a diversity of small and medium-sized companies being very innovative and successful has been settling in the architecturally impressive complexes and industrial parks. Focus is on properties located in the city centre with excellent connections to public transport network. Around 1,600 small and medium-sized companies with more than 15,000 employees are working in more than 40 GSG-sites. This is where products and services "Made in Berlin" come from and shine over the boundaries of Berlin.

GSG manages and rents out its properties themselves. The wide range of services comprises amongst others the finishing service, conference rooms or discounts with cooperating partners such as PIN AG (post delivery service).

As an innovative real estate service-provider GSG has invested in its own fiber optic network (Hofnetz). The new Hofnetz stands not only for high-speed but also for high security in data communication. It goes beyond usual communication services such as internet and e-mail services. It offers comprehensive web-based services such as storage-on-demand, VoIP, intranet services and direct connections between the tenants various units and regional data centers in Berlin - and all this at very favorable prices. A clear competitive advantage for small and medium-sized companies, because they do not need to invest in IT infrastructure but can concentrate on their core business getting their customized IT services.

GSG is known as a reliable business partner and Berlin ambassador, promoting start-ups (being main sponsor of the Business Plan Competition in Berlin-Brandenburg) and is active in various business networks in the city.


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